With the Pikaso API you can automate creating screenshots from tweets.

The API is only available in the Business plan, but you can still try it without upgrading.


curl 'https://pikaso.me/api/v1/tweet' \
     -d tweet_id=1033749606373445633 \
     -d theme=dark \
     -d size=auto \
     -o tweet.png

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: image/png
Content-Length: 111499
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="pikaso.me-dog_feelings-20180826_161446-1033749606373445633.png"

<binary image data>


The API endpoint is located at:



To authenticate, please first go to your account page and generate an API key.

Your API key consists of a token and a token_secret. You should send them as username and password in the Basic Auth format with your request:

credentials = Base64(token + ":" + token_secret)
set_header("Authorization: Basic " + credentials)


  • tweet_id: Id of the tweet to be saved. (Required)
  • size: Size of the generated image. (auto / ig_post / ig_story)
  • theme: Theme to use. (light / dark / lights_out / autumn / carnation / cerise / forest / growth / pattens_blue / moon_yellow, pistachio / pumpkin / sapphire / shamrock / spanish_yellow)

Error Codes

  • 401: Missing/invalid credentials.
  • 422: Invalid argument. The error.code field in the response contains the actual error:
    • missing_tweet_id: The required tweet_id param was not supplied.
    • tweet_not_found: The tweet was not found.
    • protected_tweet: The tweet's owner account is protected.
    • blocked_by_author: The tweet's owner account has blocked you.
    • invalid_size: The specified size argument was invalid.
    • invalid_theme: The specified theme argument was invalid.